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Linnea Pergola

Linnea Pergola

Inventive and playful, Linnea Pergola’s works are fanciful excursions into a world of real and imagined cityscapes, street scenes, and whimsical destinations. Spurred on by an incurable case of wanderlust, Pergola finds that her dreams of being somewhere else in place and time are at the heart of her creative drive and vision. Her mixed-media images, combined with a vividly imaginative, naïve style, have earned Pergola a widespread following in the world of art.
In contrast to her enchanting portrayals of faraway places and fantasy, Pergola’s life in Los Angeles gave her an intimate respect for big cities. Born in Los Angeles in 1953, she received her education from California State University at Northridge. Her hunger for experience took her into the Peace Corps and several months in the Philippines. Pergola has since relocated to the East Coast, but continues her travels to her native California, as well as to Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, and other locations that feed her inspirations.

Pergola has spent many years perfecting a technique that is uniquely hers. Starting with a distinctive pen and ink rendering as a framework for her paintings, she applies animated, vibrant colors of oil, acrylic, and gouache to create a meld of drama and naïve charm. Familiar landmarks mix in a kaleidoscope of picture postcards from around the world. In Pergola's silkscreen editions, embellished with hot-stamping, she uses the same bright palette and whimsical imagery as she does in her unique paintings and watercolors.

SunStorm Magazine featured Pergola and her artwork in an article in the Spring 1995 issue. In 1997, Europe’s oldest cookbook publishing firm, Mary Hahn Verlag, Germany, published Christmas Cooking in New York featuring images by Linnea Pergola.


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