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Michael Hall


It is difficult to create uniqueness in our society. Yet, what you find in Michael Hall's artwork is an interpretation of life, which is fresh and inspiring. What makes Michael's art distinctive is the inimitable use of rich, vivid colors, thick texture, and bold dimensionality. More significantly, his art speaks a universal language to which everyone responds. "My artwork," Hall mentions, "is about bringing people joy, uplifting them, and giving them inspiration to touch and know creativity and recognize how it affects their lives."


From an extremely young age, Michael has had an intrinsic response and relation to the arts. He was a singer and a pianist and later became a professional, classical dancer. In his late 20's, he turned to painting. One can see the early influence of his music in his "Cosmic Melodies" series, the style for which he has received significant, international recognition. There is a mood to each piece and an eminent sense of how Michael's mind orchestrates the brilliant, passionate colors, which are then born onto canvas.

Michael's "Wildflower" series is also thickly textured with radiant colors. This series represents time he spent as a child roaming through the mountains and fields of nature. "I have no desire to paint still life, because to me, nature is not fixed-it moves; therefore, I want to capture its movement in my paintings and the different tonalities which make up nature's four seasons."

Although Michael's work has been consistent over the years with its texturing and colors, the energy has become subtler and more refined. Each piece he creates is an extension of life and the surrounding world as he views it. Through his abstract expressionism, for instance, one observes the subconscious connection between the subjective experiences in Michael's life and how they are externalized on canvas. Through pieces titled "Balance", "Bridges", or "Roads to Harmony", we can witness the internal process Michael has undergone.

Through his experience of painting and with that of the art world, Michael feels that there is great value to our society in teaching the importance of art and culture. He believes that when art and culture is taught through the process of creating strong works of art, you can reach people at a level that can never be obtained with any book. "If I can become an individual who can teach others to reach a high plateau of understanding within themselves through creative observation-to reach just a little bit harder and higher to connect their lives with that which inspires life itself, then that influencing of others will become the pinnacle of my life."

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