Art One Gallery

Art One Gallery recently moved to Beverly Hills after being in Santa Monica for almost three decades.

Art One Gallery has specialized in whimsical art from such popular artists as Charles Fazzino, Romero Britto,

Art One Gallery has art for every budget and every taste including, Serigraphs, Lithographs, Posters, Vintage Artwork, Sculptures, Photography, as well as original oil’s and watercolors. We can also transfer your favorite art piece to wood or canvas to give it an “original” look.

Art One Gallery’s unique custom framing is in such vogue, that collectors from all over the world request it. One of the unique innovations created by Art One Gallery includes hand-painted and customized extensions to accentuate your favorite piece of art. Proper framing will not only enhance the look of the art, but it will also preserve the art. Be sure to talk to our framing specialists.

Art One Gallery features many world-renowned artists such as

  • Charles Fazzino, famous for his whimsical 3-D style of art of contemporary scenes in work, sports, travel, celebrities, and holidays.
  • Steve Kaufman, who studied and worked with Andy Warhol, for his pop art of celebrities and superheroes in the Warhol style.
  • Linnea Pergola, whose inventive and playful works are fanciful excursions into a world of real and imagined cityscapes, street scenes, and whimsical destinations.
  • Romero Britto, world reknown
  • Cao Yong, whose images express the idyllic, romantic beauties of California’s coastline communities.
  • Michael Hall, whose uplifting impressionistic art is defined by the inimitable use of rich, vivid colors, thick texture, and bold dimensionality.
  • Alexander Chen, whose intricate detailed city images successfully captures perspectives others miss or cannot see.
  • Eyvind Earle, “Artist of the 21st Century” whose haunting images of light and shadow, fuse with design that removes his landscapes to a supernatural realm.
  • Sam Park, whose European seascapes help you remember that wonderful romantic vacation you’ve taken or plan to take.
  • Viktor Shvaiko, whose paintings of little cafes and other intimate places combined with an enticing mix of beauty and mystery has drawn the interest and admiration of collectors worldwide.
  • Michael Bryan whose sketchy style depicts many of the aspects of the “good life,” and, hang in many corporate and retail centers.
  • Mackenzie Thorpe, whose works are a tribute to the creativity within us all and are a vivid expression of hope and human spirit. Using animals as well as people, he depicts beautiful poignant moments of our lives. Throughout all his work there is a wonderful sense of ‘love and truth’.
  • Roark Gourley, whose humorous works are rooted in life’s high tech, fast paced madness and how they relate to our lives. His work is in the Smithsonian and all over the world, it is in very important collections and owned by very wonderful people.


Some of the other artists whose work can be found at Art One Gallery include Liudmila Kondakova, James Rizzi, Susan Rios, Melanie Taylor Kent, Jennifer Markes, and Mark King.

Art One Gallery also has a section devoted to Animation Art from Disney, Warner Brothers, Hanna-Barbara, Dr. Seuss and others. We carry many other works. If you desire some piece, and don’t see it in this web site, don’t hesitate to call. We have a large group of collectors who are constantly trading, and we can usually find you a specific piece.

Art One Gallery been the venue for many fine shows featuring artists such as Michael Bryan, Susan Rios, Linnea Pergola, Charles Fazzino, Romero Britto, Grace Slick, and Steve Kaufman. Art One Gallery was selected by the Grammy’s Foundation to host several of its shows, and had a special show for J.J. Stevens, a Make-A-Wish kid, whose “wish” was to have an art show at a well-known gallery.